Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cat trap

And then, the cat-trappers came.
Large, netted cat-bags in hands
cat-whistles attached
to necks, with dog-tags;
identity and shrill instrument
in one fabric loop.

Cats sensed the intruders,
the impending doom;
paws poised mid-move,
whiskers trembling, eyes darting
half-finished meows frozen
in the summer air.

Anti-feline squad
in rubber footwear, tails bristling
like antennas,
annihilators of the Siamese,
and the common houseproud

Stealthy stalkers
lethal demolishers
determined bellers all.

1 comment:

Sowmya said...

I wish I were a psychologist. to understand your feelings/thoughts behind this writing...