Thursday, April 2, 2009

Then and Now

Some day, I'll collect your tears
in a thimble
and wash away the salt,
drop by crystal drop.

Some day, I'll stop a raindrop
in flight
and steal its sparkle
to light up your eyes.

Some day, I'll make a little windmill
that turns
with your sighs
and breathes out rainbows.

But meanwhile,
Pass the tomato sauce, please.


Tinker Belle said...

Ha ha ha! Love the "twist"! You've done it again PS! :D :D

riddhi said...

Crazy..:D hahha good one again Love the flow and the rupture.

Sowmya said...

:) ... Dont you do this a woman in real life!

Pramshanks said...

Thanks Tinker, Riddhi and Sowmya. Sowmya: in real life, this comes more naturally than in poetry!

Anonymous said...

flying high on imagine..
just loved it..

Pramshanks said...

Slow Processor, thanks a lot! There's more coming, watch out.

Swetha Sridhar said...

What I feel all the time =)
Thanks for saying it, in a far better way then I could ever imagine.