Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Neptune's Visit

Mom always liked the fish-man.
Simple rain, without the accompaniments of
thunder, lightning and water-logging,
often delayed the fish-man.
Even kept him away for days.

Then the sun would peep out one day,
grinning through the jack-fruit leaves,

The fish-man's bicycle horn
would startle the sparrows.

What ma? Sardines eh? Buy buy.
Your fry is magic. Also curry, pickle,
moiley, stew, roast, all full magic.

Baby in America, Singapore, Dubai,
all will love.

Mom, charmed to the gills,
would buy sardines, mackerel,
and black pomfret.


Tinker Belle said...

PS. You really must update more often. :)

Kiran said...

i couldn't agree more... :-)

Pramshanks said...

Tinker, Kiran: Thanks! Will try to update as often as I can. Please send a mass petition to my muses!

Kiran said...

Mass petition to muses sent.Want to see morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeee!

Pramshanks said...

Yes will do Kiran. Soon!