Tuesday, May 5, 2009


God was in a benign mood.
He said, take my diamond mines
To park your thoughts.
Close to the core of the earth,
Where old secrets jostle
The fire of my loins.

God was in a forgiving mood.
He said, come sit on the apex
Of my shoulders, where the Everest breathes
Silence into the breaks between clouds
And rest awhile.

God was in a relaxed mood.
He said, come keep your heart
In my valley of flowers,
Let it cool with the dew
From the slumbering tulips and daisies.

God was in an indulgent mood.
He said, let me soothe your face
With a shimmer of silk, the breath of cherubs
And a serenade of peacock feathers.

I said,
Let me lay my thoughts on a park bench.
Let me perch on the step outside the washroom.
Let me keep my heart in a parking lot, and
Let my face be soothed by a reckless monsoon drop.

God looked over my shoulder
At you
And smiled.



Sowmya said...


Was waiting for this :)

Pramshanks said...

Thanks Sowmya. Loved writing this!