Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rain Tree

You’ve visited my house, yes; many times,
But have you seen my rain tree?
The one with clouds for leaves
rainbows for fruits and little droplets for seeds?
Come with me, touch it.
Shake its branches, let the crystal drops descend on you.
See how wet the roots are.
See the damp bark, the rain-filled hollows
And the gum-mingled resin
trickling from the pores.

This is my rain tree
this is me.
Don’t hurt it, please,
even with a blade.


Tinker Belle said...

The photograph makes me miss home!! :) :)

Pramshanks said...

It makes me miss home, and many special moments too.

Kiran said...

hmmmmm nice... love the quote too... Did u know that the rain tree is my favourite tree?
It defines the word "Majestic" for me...conjures up many memories especially the time when as a li'l schoolgirl, I took shelter,from the pouring rain, beneath a MASSIVE raintree....they cut it down... i miss my tree and so many like it on hosur road... i fear for the ones remaining near Adugodi...

Pramshanks said...

Kiran, my rain tree is one that sprouts rain like how a mango tree would sprout mangoes!

Kiran said...

LOL creativity is ur middle name...

riddhi said...

Beautiful. spellbound. I love rains.. i love it even more

Laksh said...

This is a beautiful poem, Pramod...I think what makes it so is because its so evocative :)

Pramshanks said...

@ Riddhi: the rain has answers to everything!

@ Laksh: thanks a lot... makes me feel good to have written it.