Monday, September 17, 2012

 Man Hood 

Today, I will not shift to baritone 
Every time a lady calls. 

I will not pretend to be watching Formula 1 
While my eyes are on Nigella Lawson. 

I will help Mrs. Rangaswami across the street 
Even while nobody’s watching. 

I will not let rage descend 
If a little Nano overtakes my big Chevy.

I will not cringe
when my sister asks me to get her
a fresh box of Whisper Ultra XLs. 

I will listen to the maid. 

I will smell deeply, the aromas of Cerelac 
 In wispy baby hair. 

Today I will be more of a man 
And less of a MAN. 

Excuse me, 
How do I reach Jayanagar 3rd Block?


Sowmya said...

Beautiful. Loved it. And so true. people have too many illusions about themselves.

It takes courage to simply be who you are.

Kiran Pereira said...

Nice! very nice! shift to baritone every time a lady calls eh? ;) hahaha loved it PS!

Pramshanks said...

@ Sowmya: yes indeed. Everyone carries along his or her own fool's paradise everywhere. Thanks!
@ Kiran: thanks! People are so funny, my poems are ending up like cartoons.